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Our sea climate for sport horses

Keeping a sport horse healthy, motivated and performing in the long-term requires extensive management.

For a successful tournament season

A tournament season is stressful – for both rider and horse. The right preparation, development and regeneration in between is all the more important - both during the tournament between competitions, and to recharge your batteries in the time between tournaments.

Even after very long and strenuous journeys in a trailer or transporter, an OXYGEN brine-oxygen cocktail administered by mask-less room inhalation can effectively contribute to faster recovery and your horse's readiness for action. This means your horse can recover much more quickly and become used to its new conditions more easily.

Our sea climate – Your perfect training partner

    • During tournament preparation to keep your horse healthy and strengthen its immune system
    • If respiratory problems occur, in order to support rapid recovery and 
    • At the tournament, to best support your horse’s regeneration and keep it motivated. 

    Your horse will enjoy the fresh sea air, recharging its batteries in a gentle and pleasant way with the oxygen - and all this right in your horse trailer using mobile horse inhalation, in its usual environment and very comfortably without a troubling mask!

Great effect for precise demand

Our OXYGEN power pack of brine and ionised oxygen gives your horse the extra strength and energy it needs by 

  • Increasing the oxygen concentration in the blood
  • Supporting the lungs’ self-cleaning mechanism
  • Optimising the metabolism
  • Relieving the heart with increased intake
  • Increasing stamina by up to 40%
  • Supporting top-class performance
  • Increasing your horse’s rideability and motivation
  • Sharpening up your horse’s responsiveness and concentration
  • Shortening the regeneration times needed

Solutions for the professional?

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What our


    We love using our Salt Therapy Chamber as it has huge beneficial impact on our horses respiratory systems and skin condition. We particularly use it after our horses travels. It’s user friendly system makes it easy to use and maintain. A safe and well built chamber allows our horses to relax during their therapy sessions. We’ve seen great results and we are delighted to have the Salt Therapy Chamber in our daily routine.

    - Cian O´Connor -
  • Our racehorses enjoy staying in the brine barrel

    We have owned an OxygenConcept brine barrel for a good two years now and are more than satisfied with it.I have been training racehorses in Munich Riem for 7 years. Inhaling is part of a racehorse's daily supplement.Since we have been using the brine barrel, we have noticed many positive aspects. It not only has a positive effect on the respiratory tract with a cold and follicles, but also helps with skin fungal diseases and external injuries. Healing is accelerated and the complexion is improved. Infections can be dealt with more quickly, chronic problems can be positively steered. The horses are more powerful again faster than with sole drug treatment.

    - Sarah Steinberg, Trainerin I RTC Rennpferde Trainings-Center GmbH -

    ... We mainly use the salt grotto for our tournament horses. Since we are often on the road travelling to international tournaments, our horses spend a lot of hours in transport boxes. We have noticed that our horses often have nasal discharge after these trips. With the mobile salt grotto, we are able to let our horses enjoy inhalation treatment at any time and have found that the treatment gently and reliably dissolves the secretions... It is quickly apparent that the inhalation treatment makes it easier for our horses to cough up and snort out the secretion... The bottom line is that we are absolutely thrilled with the easy handling and therapeutic success of the mobile salt grotto!

    - Dirk Ahlmann and Team I Stallion station Training stables Dirk Ahlmann -


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