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The bracing climate of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a lake without an outlet, which is positioned more than 400m below sea level, making it the lowest body of water in the world. Due to this location, the Dead Sea has an increased oxygen content of around 10% and the Dead Sea has an average salt content of around 28%, while the Mediterranean Sea, for example, only has an average salt content of 3.8%.

The mineral composition of the Dead Sea salt also differs greatly from seawater. It contains high levels of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and potassium chloride, as well as plenty of trace elements. The Dead Sea is the richest source of natural salts in the world.

Its well-known healing power is due to this extraordinary combination of highly oxygenated air, the increased occurrence of healthy UVA sunlight on the skin and the mineral-rich salt water, which has positive effects on the metabolism and the general constitution of both humans and animals.

The substances evaporated by the heat and dissolved in the air create a natural brine inhalation, which can loosen mucous, inhibit inflammations and clear airways.

With the OXYGEN sea climate, you and your horse can experience these conditions in your immediate environment, taking advantage of the health-promoting properties of the Dead Sea’s bracing climate and you can effectively support your horse with a number of health problems such as coughing, listlessness, allergies, skin diseases, etc.

The OXYGEN sea climate offers you the following for your horse ...

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Our OXYGEN brine

Our OXYGEN Dead Sea salt brine is specially manufactured and additionally enriched, it is 100% natural and unique in texture. Horse inhalation with OXYGEN brine can

  • act as a decongestant
  • loosen mucus
  • alleviate coughing
  • inhibit inflammation caused by free radicals
  • improve blood circulation
  • help with skin diseases

study by the University of Graz tested the effectiveness of our OXYGEN brine and proved that our Dead Sea salt brine also reduces oxidative stress (=imbalance in the metabolism).

Our ultrasonic nebuliser is made especially for us in Germany. It creates a dry, velvety and respirable brine mist, the particle size of which is so tiny that it can penetrate the alveoli, i.e. deep into the lowest part of the respiratory tract. This allows the active ingredients to loosen even stubborn congestion.

We use a closed brine circuit for our ultrasonic nebuliser, i.e. it’s completely hygienic and risk-free for the lungs. This method corresponds exactly to the recommendation of the Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine.

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Our OXYGEN oxygen

Our oxygen concentrator separates the oxygen from the ambient air and brings it into the inhalation space (up to 9 litres/minute), and thus into the body of your horse, with a purity of 90-95%.

Horse inhalation in combination with our OXYGEN oxygen can

  • supply energy / optimise metabolism
  • relieve the heart with increased intake
  • support your horse’s rideability
  • increase motivation
  • lead to shorter regeneration times
  • improve reactions and focus
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Our OXYGEN ionisation

Negative ions attract positively charged dust, dirt, germs, etc. like a magnet, they clump together and become so heavy that they fall to the ground, meaning they clean the air. 
Among other things, the negative ions have the ability to increase the transport capacity of the blood cells so that they can transport more oxygen to the muscles completely naturally.

Horse inhalation with the OXYGEN combination of brine, oxygen and ionisation can  

  • increase the oxygen concentration in the blood
  • support the lungs’ self-cleaning mechanism
  • increase stamina by up to 40%
  • support top-class performance
  • have a positive effect on hormone metabolism and the immune system
  • stimulate bone growth
  • reduce microorganisms to almost 0% of the initial concentration

The OXYGEN ioniser is our own development with 9 ionising needles, which produce over 20 million ions/second.

Unsere Ionisation

Our OXYGEN disinfection

The Hurricane - our disinfection device for surface disinfection, is ideal for use in your stable for box cleaning, for your work equipment and for recreational rooms and of course your brine box or your inhalation trailer.

Our Hurricane is a cold nebuliser – extremely easy to use and highly effective. In combination with our ready-to-use oxidative disinfectant SALOXAN Animal, it tackles all viruses, bacteria, fungi and their spores. Its fine spray cleans air and surfaces without wiping. 

SALOXAN is an oxidative disinfectant based on salt water, it contains no alcohol and is therefore completely harmless, even if it gets in your eyes or mouth.  

We also have a natural, highly effective disinfectant in our range for disinfecting any wounds your horse may have - our SALOXAN ANIMAL GEL or SALOXAN GEL FORTE in a tube. These are also saltwater-based oxidative disinfectants. They have been proven to eliminate 99% of all germs, are extremely well tolerated and support extremely rapid wound healing.

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We are happy to answer your questions!

Your horse in the OXYGEN wellness oasis


We will also find the ideal solution for you and your horse for mask-less horse inhalation, so that your horse can use and enjoy the bracing climate of the Dead Sea with all its positive properties. 

Even if there is a horse or two that initially has to get used to the brine mist in the inhalation chamber, it will soon be waiting for its treatment, happy to step into the brine inhalation box.

During treatment, your horse will also very quickly show reactions of well-being and relaxation, such as chewing, yawning, sighing, deep breathing ... many horses actually do not want to leave the brine inhalation box after treatment.

Mask-less horse inhalation in the inhalation box ensures that your horse will be able to enjoy OXYGEN´s bracing Dead Sea climate in the long-term, completely stress-free, and will be able to take full advantage of its health benefits.



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