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To offer everyone the opportunity of treating their horse with mask-less inhalation therapy, we have developed a wide range of options. We can provide these as standard. However, we can also create completely individual solutions for horse inhalation so that the OXYGEN sea climate really is a possibility for everyone.

OxygenConcept room solutions

Individual, convenient, comfortable

Horse inhalation in the box
Nebulising in the room
Horse inhalation in a trailer
Horse inhalation in our barrel

Horse inhalation in the box

Box-administered inhalation is arguably the most convenient solution for independent farms, clinics, rehab facilities and private stable owners.

Integrated directly into the stable, you can keep an eye on it at all times. It doesn't necessarily have to be a fully equipped wellness oasis; there are a number of solutions available – from unhitching the washing or cleaning area to closing tournament boxes or redesigning a small adjoining room in the stable - simple solutions that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. If required, we can also provide coin-operated installations.

Horse inhalation in your trailer

If you use boarding stables, travel a lot to tournaments, or would like to have a commercial horse inhalation operation, then the inhalation trailer is the method of choice. This means you travel with an integrated spa area for your horse - you can treat your horse to a bit of wellness after the stress of travelling and can also provide a brine-oxygen-energy boost between competitions.

All the technology is installed in the tack room, you don't have to set it up or take it down, just switch it on and you - and your horse - can enjoy a recovery session.

Horse inhalation in a barrel

Our inhalation barrel – arguably the most aesthetic of our inhalation solutions. If you like the special things in life, like the idea of something eye-catching on your premises and want to enjoy the pleasant climate of our solid wood barrel, then the barrel is the right choice for you.

Some of the top athletes spoil their horses in wellness units in our OXYGEN barrels. Prevention at its best.


Special requirements?

Come and talk to us – we’ll always find the perfect solution!

What our


    .. Ronda’s skin is much glossier and is as velvety as it’s ever been. She has had real problems with her coat lately, due to a poor immune system and constant cortisone administration.... Her coughing got stronger and worse day by day and we were so sorry at times to leave her feeling that way – but I think it was a big relief to her to get rid of it all and be able to cough it all up ... What we really noticed is that after a coughing fit she always held her muzzle directly in the mist - so it seemed to be doing her a lot of good... I would like to thank Claudia, Robin and the entire OxygenConcept team for their fantastic support and excellent customer service which far exceeded standard customer service! Thank you very very much!

    - Alina Jendry -

    Kimbarjano, a 5-year-old gelding, received treatment with negatively charged ionised oxygen in connection with ultrasonically nebulised brine from the Dead Sea (over about 4 weeks). He was suffering from a bad cough and produced a lot of mucus. Kimbarjano finished his first race after a 2-year break in 4th place. This was very striking. So far, he has run another two races, in which he finished in 6th and 2nd place. The inhalation treatment significantly improved his performance and his coughing is much reduced.

    - Martina Grünewald -

    I had to break off a three-day ride last summer because my horse was coughing so much on the last morning. When I got home, a vet diagnosed a hay allergy and, in consultation with the vet, I began to use the horse inhalation brine nebuliser every day. After a few days the cough was much weaker and now my horse is practically cough-free and doing very well. Long rides are no longer a problem. So I am very grateful that I met Ms. Klauenberg and her concept of horse inhalation and that I trusted her.

    - Carlo Paulus -


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