• Healthy and motivated

    due to the sea air
  • Healthy and motivated

    due to the sea air
  • Healthy and motivated

    due to the sea air

Brine-oxygen inhalation
for the health of your horse

  • Horse inhalation without the need for a mask

  • Wellness for your horse

  • Sweet itch – a thing of the past

  • Rapid regeneration for your sport horse

  • Sea climate – any time, any place

  • Prevention

For the health of your horse

Respiratory and skin problems – 90% of horses are affected

Drop in performance, exhaustion

My horse is coughing!

Is your horse suffering from COPD, coughing, equine asthma or plagued by summer itch, nettle rash or an allergy?


Using our mask-less horse inhalation with our unique OXYGEN brine, we can quickly help your horse and rapidly alleviate its problems.

Many horses struggle with tolerating an inhalation mask, although this is not the only reason we use room inhalation. In addition to the comfort of this type of horse inhalation, it also has the advantage that the brine mist can be used in a number of ways in a single treatment: horse inhalation occurs through the respiratory tract, but the brine is also absorbed through the skin, which means skin diseases can be soothed at the same time.



We offer you ...

  • Comfortable horse inhalation of our high-quality OXYGEN brine (unique formula of our OXYGEN Dead Sea Salt brine)
  • Stress-free inhalation WITHOUT AN INHALATION MASK– the best solution for sensitive horses
  • Continuously laboratory-tested quality, maximum hygiene standards
  • a pure active agent from nature, with no side effects
  • has a positive effect on the respiratory system, provides oxygen transport to the muscles and cell regeneration and is also beneficial for the skin, which is the largest respiratory organ in humans and animals
  • Easy-to-use technology that you can also use in the long-term
  • The increase in attention, enthusiasm and faster regeneration of your horse
  • The best possible support of  medical therapies and prophylaxis as a result of regular horse inhalation
  • Support for all your questions about horse inhalation 

Our OXYGEN sea climate comes to you

Our  room inhalation concept offers the ideal solution for your requirements: in the box, in the barrel, in the trailer or in the paddock tent - or a completely individually created room inhalation solution for your very personal wishes and conditions.

Based on our many years of experience and the countless projects that we have already implemented in the field of mask-less horse inhalation, we are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your individual situation so that we can provide the right support for your horse if it has respiratory problems or skin problems.

Putting on an inhalation mask or wearing it for extended periods creates tremendous stress for many horses and it often becomes more and more difficult the longer the treatment continues. The  room inhalation concepts from Pferdeinhalation.de offer the optimal alternative - horse inhalation is now no longer associated with stress - for your horse or you! Extremely comfortable, and with a plethora of effects due to the OXYGEN brine mist being absorbed via the respiratory organs and skin.


20 years of experience
Unique brine formular
Highest hygiene level
German quality product
Customised solutions
Available worldwide
Experienced expert support
Good value for money


We will be at the Dublin Horse Show from 9-13 August with our stand!

Any questions?

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What our

  • Cian O´Connor trusts in our OXYGEN sea climate

    We love using our Salt Therapy Chamber as it has huge beneficial impact on our horses respiratory systems and skin condition. We particularly use it after our horses travels. It’s user friendly system makes it easy to use and maintain. A safe and well built chamber allows our horses to relax during their therapy sessions. We’ve seen great results and we are delighted to have the Salt Therapy Chamber in our daily routine.

    - Cian O´Connor -
  • Racehorses in Munich Riem trust in the OXYGEN brine barrel

    We have owned an OxygenConcept brine barrel for a good two years now and are more than satisfied with it.I have been training racehorses in Munich Riem for 7 years. Inhaling is part of a racehorse's daily supplement.Since we have been using the brine barrel, we have noticed many positive aspects. It not only has a positive effect on the respiratory tract with a cold and follicles, but also helps with skin fungal diseases and external injuries. Healing is accelerated and the complexion is improved. Infections can be dealt with more quickly, chronic problems can be positively steered. The horses are more powerful again faster than with sole drug treatment.

    - Sarah Steinberg, Trainerin I RTC Rennpferde Trainings-Center GmbH -

    We have been using the brine solution since 2014. Our 2 ponies, which suffer from eczema, have since regrown their manes and now rarely need a blanket.
    My Fjord horse has a pollen allergy and our mini Shetland, Honey, has problems with her lungs; they are stable and active. The pair of them have separate open stables, where we have installed a timer for the brine misting - they both voluntarily come to the brine chamber every day when the timer starts. We have been using a second device since 2017. In conclusion: we are grateful for the many years we have used OxygenConcept and the at times incredible success we have had with it. 

    - Natascha and the pony gang -

Horse inhalation without the need for a mask

The OXYGEN sea climate in your own stables? This is how it works:

Watch this video to learn how you can make your horse happy and bring the climate of well-being to your own stables. Sea air to breathe in deeply and relax. Your horse will love it!



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