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Mask-less horse inhalation

It’s not always easy to keep your horse fit and healthy. Respiratory problems, eczema and stubborn allergies, in particular, are now common ailments for horses. They occur with increasing frequency, not least due to environmental influences.

However, many horses have problems with mask inhalation - especially in long-term treatment. Our brine mist as a room inhalation solution is just right for offering your horse a comfortable long-term wellness facility, both for prevention and for treatment support in case of illness.

Wellness for your horse

If there is no suitable option for inhalation in your boarding stable, the inhalation trailer offers you the option of mobile horse inhalation, among other benefits. This lets you give your horse the OXYGEN brine inhalation at any time, completely independently, directly on site and without great expense - whenever you want.

If you are still finding it tricky, simply get in touch with us - we have a lot of experience, so we are guaranteed to find the ideal solution, including for you!


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    A year ago, we contacted OxygenConcept because we were urgently looking for a solution for our mare's respiratory disease. We received detailed and very competent advice, quotes for used and new equipment, delivery was very fast, we were supported by telephone during installation/conversion and questions were answered at any time, complaints were processed immediately and the equipment was very quickly returned. Simply brilliant customer service – which is what you need when you have a sick horse. The equipment is very stable and the effect of the brine mist has saved our mare. We also use the device for us and are very satisfied with it.

    - Anja Wolf -

    Sammy was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis 4 years ago and every year the coughing started with the beginning of the pollen season ... this year at Hansepferd, I saw the salt-brine device for the first time and thought it was a great alternative to mask inhalation. So I ordered it, and my big buddy isn't coughing at all this year, not even during the harvest when there's a lot of dust in the air here. And by the way, my little eczema-riddled mare has a mane this year and (almost) doesn’t rub at all, ... We can’t imagine life without salt brine in our stables now. Unfortunately, chronic bronchitis has also struck in our human family, and the 5% Dead Sea salt brine really helps here too.

    - Natascha Fey -

    I had to break off a three-day ride last summer because my horse was coughing so much on the last morning. When I got home, a vet diagnosed a hay allergy and, in consultation with the vet, I began to use the horse inhalation brine nebuliser every day. After a few days the cough was much weaker and now my horse is practically cough-free and doing very well. Long rides are no longer a problem. So I am very grateful that I met Ms. Klauenberg and her concept of horse inhalation and that I trusted her.

    - Carlo Paulus -


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