Sweet itch is an allergic skin disease and is triggered by mosquito saliva, rather than the bite itself. Horses affected by sweet itch are hypersensitive to the saliva and develop allergic reactions. The immune system then attacks its own cells, leading to an extreme reaction. This manifests in nagging itches, which primarily affect the mane, tail, face and abdominal seam. To calm the itching, horses rub themselves, which can result in bald chafing, dandruff and scab formation. In extreme cases, the itching can lead to self-mutilation. During the winter, the horses recover and do not exhibit any symptoms. From March to October, the symptoms tend to deteriorate due to the presence of insects. Although all horses can be affected, summer eczema can be attributed to a genetic component. A particular propensity has been found in breeds such as Belgian Warmblood, Icelandic and Exmoor ponies. Symptoms can start at a very young age, but usually get worse with age.

Symptoms can include:

  • Severe itching, rubbing against objects
  • Extreme tail swishing, to keep insects away
  • Partial loss of mane and tail due to chafing
  • Crusty, inflamed skin, chafed areas
  • Thickened skin
  • Nervous behaviour around flying insects



Room inhalation with our Dead Sea salt brine has the advantage that the horse can also absorb the brine with its skin. Our brine is extremely soothing, can reduce itching and can massively accelerate the healing of chafed areas.

When used regularly as a prophylactic measure, it helps your horse through the spring and summer.

Avoid contact with insects – avoid allergens

  • Stabling during the main flight time of the insects (especially sunset to sunrise)
  • Eczema blankets that cover almost the entire body
  • Avoid paddocks near water points, ponds, etc., because this is where mosquitoes tend to breed and multiply
  • Fewer mosquitoes are found on exposed, windier pastures
  • Be sure to observe paddock and stable hygiene, because dung and warm, humid surroundings are also ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Alleviating itching

  • Special lotions can temporarily alleviate itching
  • Cortisone as a solution?
    Does not cure summer eczema, but it can provide relief from itching. However, significant side effects can occur, especially with long-term medication.
  • Brine inhalation can provide lasting support in a natural way, without side effects


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